Research - July OpEd - Negative Delta

The “delta wave” is impairing the speed of the recovery.

Research - Fit for 55: A carbon pricing upheaval

Exploring ‘Fit for 55’ and challenges to the EU’s climate ambitions

Iggo's Insight - Getting hot?

Worries about the economy overheating appear to have been overdone as the delta variant reminds us that the battle with the pandemic is far from over.

RI - Can ESG screening provide a buffer for fixed income investors?

The unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus put in place by governments and policymakers worldwide has supported bond markets for much of 2020 and 2021, but fixed income investors have faced...

July global Macro Monthly - Clouds darken Summer re-opening

COVID-19 again haunts markets – the delta strain gains.

Evolving Economy - Five themes shaping the pace of change

Five trends to help make sense of where the world is heading

Evolving Economy - How we’re living smarter: The rise of home automation

The ecosystem that is rapidly enabling an automated lifestyle

Macro Insight - What you need to know about the IBOR transition

What is IBOR transition and how is AXA IM approaching it?

What is IBOR transition and how is AXA IM approaching it?

What is IBOR transition and how is AXA IM approaching it?
What is IBOR...

Research - Unpacking Made in China

China’s status as the world’s factory and top exporter has come under intense pressure from the Sino-US trade war and a global pandemic that has disrupted supply chains

AXA IM appoints Frédéric Clément as Global Head of Human Resources

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) announces the appointment of Frédéric Clément as Global Head of Human Resources replacing Amélie Watelet who becomes Human Resources Director of AXA France.

RI - The market takes up the challenge of the SFDR

The EU Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), which has just entered into force, is a watershed for sustainable finance.

Market thinking - Measuring the effect of ¬ diversification into foreign credit

The challenges for investors from the insurance sector are clear, but the solutions sometimes less so.

Evolving Economy - How the pandemic has given a new meaning to ageing

The silver economy is no longer just being driven by the over-65s

RI - China green bonds: Seeking harmonisation in a sector that could boost the climate change fight

As part of AXA IM’s commitment to fighting climate change, we aim to be a leading investor in the green bond market.

RI - Engagement is not something which happens over night

Active ownership is about using your rights and influence as an investor to engage investee companies in a productive dialogue and driving change that can make a tangible difference.

Rosenberg - Value returns: Bringing the “multi” back to multi-factor

Long-suffering factor investors may only be willing to whisper it, but the data say it loud and clear: value is back.

Iggo's insight - Richness all around

Iggo's insight Richness all around ...

Evolving Economy - How the pandemic is focusing investors on the future

Five trends that indicate where the world is heading

Evolving Economy - Digital trending, with even more growth on the horizon

Shifts in consumer behaviour and online retail highlight certain trends are here to stay

Evolving Economy - How has e-commerce shaped the logistics real estate space?

The e-commerce boom has left many retailers needing to rethink the structure of their supply chains to meet consumers’ expectations