RI Annual Review 2016/17

01 March 2017

Responsible investment: niche today, norm tomorrow

Why investing responsibly today should be tomorrow’s ‘new normal’

The seismic shift in the social, political and regulatory landscape seen over the recent past left many scratching their heads. However, the forces pushing for change have arguably been building for a long time. Our latest Responsible Investment annual review looks behind the majors drivers of these changes to identify potential impacts on the mainstream investment market.

The five key highlights are outlined below:

 Climate change

2°C internationally agreed threshold to limit the rise in global temperatures

Identifying and responding to global trends is critical to successful long term investing.  Climate change is one of those trends. We  assess the implications that climate change can have on investment markets.

Regulation picto Regulation

Article 173 French energy transition law requiring ESG disclosures

Have the political and populist headwinds that 2016 ushered in knocked  regulations around climate change off course? We examine the international legislative and policy trends that are driving institutional investors toward greater adoption of ESG criteria.

Insurance picto Insurance

53% of insurers see regulation as the key driver for a RI/ESG approach¹

Figures suggest that insurers are increasingly paying attention to ESG factors, but it is still a relatively reactive position. With regulatory trends moving towards greater emphasis on RI, the industry should move ahead of the curve.

impact investing picto Impact investing

$1 per month. Affordable insurance solutions enabled by mobile²

Impact investing incorporates societal issues in financially relevant way. It can direct capital towards greater social utility. As impact investing gains more attention, we provide some colour on the underlying projects.

Stewardship picto Stewardship

5,408 company meetings voted at

Our voting and engagement activities focus on the issues we believe will improve the risk/performance profile on the companies we invest in.

1 AXA IM, December 2016. Independent survey commissioned of 122 senior executives at UK, French and German insurance companies
2 AXA IM for the 12 months to December 2016