What are investment grade bonds?

Investment grade bonds are bonds issued by companies that are considered by external rating agencies as less likely than other companies to default on their debts.

Why consider investment grade bonds?

Investment grade bonds offer investors exposure to the debt of companies that are considered by external rating agencies as relatively less likely to default on their loans. Also, investment grade corporate bonds tend to offer higher rates of interest than government bonds.

Our approach to investment grade bonds

We combine deep local market expertise and a proven top-down allocation ability with a robust, repeatable investment process that has been tested throughout the credit cycle.  

Our approach to Investment Grade bonds - Fundamental analysis visual

Investing across the investment grade spectrum, we offer a comprehensive range of strategies to meet our clients’ needs and varying views on the direction of interest rates. All of this is bolstered by the significant resources available to our portfolio managers from the wider AXA IM team including research, trading and engineering teams.

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