Responsible investing and multi-asset

What is the process within the platform for integrating ESG?

We decided to mainstream ESG integration within our multi-asset strategies through two major pillars:

1/ Technology and quant solutions

Our portfolio managers have access to AXA IM’s proprietary ESG scoring framework to assist in their decision-making and it has also enabled us to develop ESG reporting on a clear majority of our portfolios and mandates.

2/ Research

Our approach to ESG integration into investment decisions also go through further integration at the credit research level. Analysts within our fixed income credit research team are responsible for the integration of ESG factors in their financial recommendations which feed into our credit allocation/selection process. Our equity research platform is based on two complementary axis’ to ensure a comprehensive assessment of a company’s fundamental/ESG profile and a thorough understanding of the financial impact of the ESG risks that can derail a company’s growth prospects.

How has ESG evolved within the platform?

At AXA IM, responsible investing is part of our DNA. Within the platform, ESG was first integrated across our optimal income range in September 2018 and we are continuing to build ESG integration into our investment process. The next stage of our development will be to move from SDG aware to SDG aligned.