Our responsible investing assets under management span all asset classes:

EquityFixed IncomeMulti AssetAlternatives

ESG embedded

€607 bn*

ESG concerns are embedded into AXA IM’s DNA. As such, all of our funds (excluding index and distribution funds) benefit from strong internal responsible investment policies, active engagement and proxy voting. In addition, an ESG scorecard is available for all AXA IM funds.  

ESG integrated

€437 bn*

Our ESG analysis is integrated across all of our investment platforms which allows our various investment teams to take account of ESG risks and opportunities when making investment decisions, tailored to clients’ objectives.  

There are also ESG-specific strategies for interested investors, including: ESG global SmartBeta equity, ESG themed active management, ESG Buy & Maintain credit, thematic bond funds and a number of ESG multi-asset strategies.


€1.2 bn*

A step further in Responsible Investment, our impact offerings aim to make an intentional, positive and measurable impact on society. They address societal challenges in specific themes and sectors, via both liquid and illiquid funds and tailored mandates.

"There is no penalty for pursuing ESG, which was a concern a few years ago. As a part of the overall analysis, ESG might uncover risk issues and alpha opportunities."
Matt Christensen, Global Head of Responsible Investment
* ESG AUM figures above include assets managed on behalf of AXA Group as at 31 March 2017.