All of our mutual funds (excluding index and fund of funds which are not managed internally) apply AXA IM Responsible Investment sectorial exclusion policies, as follows:

Controversial Weapons Policy 
Climate Risk Policy 
Ecosystem Protection and Deforestation Policy 
Soft Commodities Policy 

In addition to the RI sectorial exclusions mentioned above, ESG integrated, Sustainable Investing and Impact mutual funds also apply our ESG standards policy, with additional exclusions on Tobacco, Defense, UNGC breaches and poor ESG quality:

ESG standards policy

In order to comply with regulations and to implement the principles defined in this policy, AXA IM bases itself on the information gathered and the interpretation provided by external providers/advisers and is therefore dependent on the quality and accuracy of information.  
The implementation of this policy is subject to compliance with asset management local laws or regulations, therefore some specific implementation mechanisms of this policy may be put in place locally.