RI annual review

Engagement: Changing corporate behaviour

Our approach to stewardship comes from our strongly held belief that both company management and investors have critical roles to play in sustaining the health of financial markets and ensuring the efficient allocation of capital.

We believe a proper consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters will impact on the long-term sustainable performance of companies and benefit investors of such firms.

To this end, at AXA IM we:

  • seek to understand the ESG issues that impact companies in which we are invested;
  • evaluate a company’s particular policies and practices in relation to relevant issues;
  • encourage companies to align with best practice on ESG issues;
  • enter into constructive dialogue and engagement where a company’s approach or practices on relevant ESG matters is below investor expectations;
  • leverage our clients’ investor rights to push for desired outcomes from investee companies; and
  • align our votes at general meetings with our engagement objectives.